Talentd was born in Japan and raised in San Diego, California. Talentd found his love for music at an early age and was more into the more powerful instrument that everyone carried with them by way of vocal cords. He has been inspired by artists such as Michael Jackson, R. Kelly, Gerald Levert, Charlie Wilson and Nate Dogg. Talentd joined the music game with an arsenal of catchy chorus’ and a raspy smooth voice. 2011 he signed with Pacific Ocean Records and released his first solo album “Finding Myself” with hits such as “Limelight” “Realness” and “True Beauty” Talentd took a variety of different genres of music with him to the stage that captured many peoples attention with being a big man, with smooth melodies. In 2012, he was in Biz Magazine and recognized for his work and being an up and coming music artist. He finally hit the airwaves with being on radio stations such as bay area 89.5 fm Ozcat Radio, World Tuned Radio and My Djs Radio. In 2014 he won the Hotshot competition in San Diego on San Diego Radio Station Jammin Z90 90.3fm with his song Up up and away. Talentd has featured on many artists’ songs with his skills of creating memorable chorus’ worth being stuck in your mind. He has been known to do different genres of music with his ability to sing as well as rap. The name pronouced as “talented” comes from his talents of tweaking his voice for different sounds and spells it with only the TD at the end in reference to his love for football and using the analogy with the letters TD for scoring a touchdown everytime he touches the microphone. Today you can find any of Talentd’s music on all major online distributors websites and all major apps available for your mobile phone. For more info on bookings, music and more get in contact at

Facebook: Talentd Sd
Snapchat: TALENTD pacificoceanrecords.com/Talentd www.soundcloud.com/talentd www.reverbnation.com/talentd