Rashad “Shottie Cee” Richmond was born October 3rd, 1986 in San Diego,CA. His mother Jackie Wallace gave birth to three boys, of which he is the middle child. Growing up on 47th Street, which is one of the most dangerous parts of San Diego, he would find out the struggle was all too real especially with him not knowing his father due to incarceration. He would also find that out by seeing the effects of drugs and how they took a tole on his mother and his community. He esentially found hip-hop because he looked for an outlet to escape the reality.
Trying a few different things is how he ultimately found himself in music. He wrote his first song when he was 13 but didn’t yet take it serious. He featured for friends on mixtapes, albums and different projects while perfecting his skills as a music artist. One day a good friend and a well known San Diego music artist expressed to him that he truly has a gift.

Soon after that Lafamilia Music West is the company he started back in 2010 in his aunties garage. His little brother Rahim “Fetti Baby” Calloway worked with him until he decided to start his own label Alpha Pride. In 2013 his mom died and he thought that he’d never rap again. It was his little brother that told him “Don’t stop rapping and continue to chase your dreams like Mom would’ve wanted”. In 2015 he put out his first mixtape titled “I’m Not Supposed To Be Here” which is now available on datpiff.com. He has now created videos that can be seen on YouTube as well. Shottie Cee has been doing a lot of live performances and he says “Being on the stage with artists I used to look up to has helped me perfect my craft in music dramatically”.

His plans are to continue to dedicate himself to his music and open new doors on his road to success. He also wants to speak for the people who’s voice are rarely heard and to give back to his community. Shottie Cee wants to say one last thing to everyone out there which is “Thank you to all my family and friends for the love and support over the years. To the real fans, I love and appreciate every last one of y’all”. Looks like Shottie Cee is focused and ready for the worls to hear what he has to say.

IG: youngshoddagod

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