It was February 4th 1990 when Willie Brown a.k.a Shawn Rude was born in sunny San Diego, CA. From an early ago Shawn Rude was introduced to music and recording in studios by watching his father whom also used to be an artist as well. “They used to take me to the studio as a kid and I used to watch them make beats and songs.” says Shawn thinking back to his younger days. Shawn always rhymed and practiced rapping but never really took it serious until he turned around 21 or 22 years old. He credits his earlier influences to listening to his older homies and was also influenced by 2Pac, Mac Dre, E-40, Beta Bossalini, I-Rocc, 12 Gauge Shottie, Poodeezy, Don Elway, Adonis DaHottest, Skeeter Bo, Lil Sandman, Big June, Boss Hogg, T-Sixx, and Stormin Stack just to name a few.

Shawn Rude built his name on the streets of San Diego but more specifically South East. In 2011 he released his first project titled “Rude Awakening” which is currently available on Reverbnation.com as a free download so go download it now. In 2012 he also released a duo album with West West whom is another well-known up and coming rapper from San Diego and the project was called “All Work No Sleep”. That project is also available as a free download but is available on Datpiff.com. Shawn Rude & West West began doing shows in the night clubs of downtown San Diego opening up for major artists such as Mario, Omarion, Pusha-T, The Game, E-40, Clyde Carson, YG, Nipsey Hussle, Joe Moses, and more. Right when Shawn Rude was starting to build his buzz and become one of the hottest rappers in San Diego he was arrested and ended up being locked up from February 25th 2013 until November 12th 2015. Although being in prison was definitely a set back to his career Shawn Rude was determined to not let it be the end. “When I got to the pen I wrote about 3 albums and 2 mixtapes. I got a lot of work done with a lot of beats and features. I was still working. Never let a situation stop you from reaching your goals. You can do anything if you put your mind and dedication to it.” says Shawn while looking back on his jail sentence.

Since Shawn Rude has been released in November he has had nothing but success on his mind. With all the material he wrote while in prison he now has a lot of music ready and has been recording almost daily. “I’ve been working so hard that now it’s time to put everything out and get going. I’ve done like four shows in the two months that I’ve been home. I’ve also done two videos already and about five photo shoots.” Needless to say Shawn has been a busy man and it looks like there’s plenty more to come. Shawn is currently working on a few short films to try to further expand his brand. To him his motivation is very simple as Shawn says “I’m just trying to get paid off of this. A lot of these dudes are doing it for the fame…I do it for my fans and to get paid.” It seems tho Shawn Rude has picked up right where he left off and is back teamed up with his partner West West again too. Shawn Rude has his own label titled “Rude Mobb” and West West has his own label titled “Rush Money”. They combined both labels to work together as a team and since the first two letters of Rude Mobb and Rush Money is “Ru-Mo” they just decided to combine both. “I’ve known West West for about a decade and we always been cool. We started doing music together and ain’t turned back since…its the Mobb.”

In the future Shawn Rude wants to continue to make dope music while also pursing his acting career as well. He’s willing to work with both major artists and local artists too. “I want to do some work with everyone in San Diego. I ain’t famous or too good to diss anyone if they want do a track.” Although Shawn Rude is a little busy right now trying to record nearly three years of stocked up music he definitely will get to it and he takes pride in staying humble. He’s basically willing to work with anyone right now that’s serious. It doesn’t look like Shawn Rude will be recording and doing verses for free very long by the buzz he’s building around town so anyone trying to collaborate on a track better do it soon. Shawn also has dreams of bringing his city of San Diego together. “The Bay Area, L.A., Chicago, Atlanta, New York, Detroit, Philadelphia, Miami, etc…all got there cities back and support their artists. We need that in San Diego and that’s what I want to do.” It’s safe to say that now that Shawn Rude is home he’s definitely going to be a force to be reckoned with in San Diego and Southern California in general. He’s finally home and more determined then ever to make his dreams happen to make sure he stays out for good.

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