Upcoming Artist named Kevin Spelmon Jr. Otherwise known as “Lil Kev” Born & Raised in San Diego, Ca Aug 25th 1992.

In 2000 Kevin “Lil Kev”Spelmon Jr along with his 2 older brothers and a couple of relatives set out to start their own rap group, Lil League. They would dedicate their time after school and on the weekends to work on their rhymes and routines doing shows from San Diego to Vegas trying to break into the music industry. Looking up to such artist like Easy E, Tupac, Biggie Smalls, and

Nas, Lil Kev knew exactly what he wanted and nothing was going to stand in his way.

But poor management, an act of violence, the group broke up and turned away from music for a while turning the young men’s focus from rap to football to keep them busy and out of the street. But a product of his environment himself, at a young age Lil Kev faced the adversities of so many young black males his age and by the age of 12 he was writing his own raps as a way of expressing his feelings about the things he saw going on around him. “At this point was a confusing moment of what I wanted to be in life, what I wanted to do as every other 12 year old  was thinking.” After junior high he begin to go to Kearny High School and started to try back out for football Chasing the NFL dream but being kicked off his High School Football Team for disciplinary reasons, the life of a young hustler seemed the only way out. But Lil Kev still had the love for the music and dreams only this time being behind the scenes such as Engineering n Promoting his Big brother who was chasing his career as a solo artist after his big brother was arrested Lil Kev began to stop the music n continued his hustle in the streets.  With the blessings of those close to him after receiving his High School diploma from Kearny High School in 2010, Lil Kev decided to venture off and do his own thing Moving to Los Angeles. After a year or so he decided to step out on faith and pursue a solo career again. To Learn more about the subject he was so passionate about, at age 20 he enrolled in the Los Angeles Recording Academy, only to fall short of graduating due to yet more family issues and set backs, so at 21 he Moved back to his old stopping grounds of San Diego. But Lil Kev was now armed with the hunger of making his dreams a reality for his family’s sake. And with the help of local up and coming producers from San Diego and Los Angeles,  Lil Kev  penned his experiences and frustrations from the street life mixed with a little bit of what life in his future is going to be and has created his own lane of style and rhyming. He independently dropped his first solo mixtape, a dual disk project called FRESH OUT THE STREETS (DISC 1) and FRESH IN THE INDUSTRY (DISC 2) both which are creating quite a buzz for him in his hometown and its neighboring states. Never count a young brotha out is the motto and STARVE NOW EAT LATER (SNEL) is the lifestyle this young man lives by. “Nothing can stop me but me” he says while he remains focus of the road ahead. With a lot of hard work and a giant leap a faith LiL Kev is determined to have you feeling his lyrics and wearing his Ms UP (MILLIONS UP) logo as he sets out to roll up the industry pot and smoke out all the haters. Be on the look out for more music videos and show dates coming soon.
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Written by – Trela Davis
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