EraNetik is a Laotian American recording artist, rapper, and songwriter from Southeast San Diego, CA. He was the first born US Citizen in his family, but continues to carry the culture, tradition, and history that his family brought from their home country of Laos to America in the late 1980’s. EraNetik grew up around music his whole life. He started dancing at the age of 10 and his father is a musician, so the artistry became natural for him. It wasn’t until his freshman year of high school, when he decided to record music seriously. He originally built a following within the young asian community through sites like Myspace, Youtube, & Tumblr, with love rap songs that allowed him to gain thousands of fans and over a million views online. To give back to the fans, he then released a free album titled “Masterpiece” in 2012 and an EP titled “Surge” the following year to showcase maturity within his raps, which was sold on online music stores. Since then, he has taken a slight break to focus on his professional dance career, but had just released a new album titled “Second Wind” in January 2016.