Born and raised in San Diego with deep family roots within the community. Dre Stone has been rapping well over 10 years but always did it for the passion to turn his life into a musical composition. Every song has a story and every project has a specific meaning according to its title. For the past 3 years Dre Stone has been involving more business aspects into his career releasing his first album “Stoner Chronicles” and turning his self acclaimed Facebook group #BluntGang into a following of his marijuana oriented lifestyle creating a universal affiliation amongst like minds. His next album promises to be another classic and is a 2 part CD entitled “Based on a True Stoner” and “Based on a True Stoner ReLoaded” which should be expected in early August. In early 2016 be on the lookout for a collaborated album called “Young Phly Stoners” by Dre Stone and Fellow San Diego Rapper Marty MacPhly along with a couple solo mixtapes.


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