Daris “Dollahski” Jones was born in San Diego ,ca Aug 20 1986. He was raised in grant hill community. He was raised by his grandma with no mother or father she struggle but did what she could with one income. He started rapping in high school with a party click called P.L.U.T.O FAB in 2002.He graduated from Kearny high in 2004 and straight to the streets where he had to move out and catch on to the streets running with gang members, pimps, drug dealers and recorded his first single in 2006 with his little brother Baby Oski and soon later that year started filming fights, club scenes, and funny clips for a DvD called “Hoodshit” with Turfstar also started his own record label called “No Fabrication in 2008 dropping his first mixtape in 2011 “I think I can rap” and videos rocking stages building his brand but still stuck in the streets it send him to prison putting his rap career on ice. Where night after night in chino rapping over the tear his raps for other cell mates able to get real feedback. Enough time to get a gameplan together and also able to target his vision . Inspired by e-40,nick cannon,50 cent,jay-z.He plans to release his long waited mixtape album “I think I can rap too”.