Michael Davis A.K.A BoX BoY Mike SpitZ is a West Coast “Hemp Hop”rapper by way of El Cajon city/San Diego California. He has been a well-known local MC for nearly 10 years now solo and alongside DNA Forensics & Paper Pat in which the three make the group Chuccs &Timbs!Having dropped 6 Albums(Chuccs&Timbs Street Thieves,Barsbarian,Truth&Fantasy the adventure,Midnight Marauders2013 Chuccs&Timbs”self titled” and his latest release Pieces of me”. He has opened up for many of the biggest stars in hip hop such as …Twista,Sugafree,E-40,DMX,Scarface,Bone Thugs,Crooked i,The DoveShack,DipSet,Jayo Felony,The Dogg Pound,RassKass and many more

Nicknamed “the entertainer” because of his many talents “BBMS” is one of the 3 stars of the Movie #Joint Venture,alongside Licwit Loco & Daryl Kinder(KDA Mac) and the anchorman of the hit webisode “SmokinWitSpitZ/TheRollinStoner” on YouTube where he “interviews” local celebs in his own stoner way!
He is also 1/10 of the community charity group the Committee a group made up of friends and artist from all parts of town that get together every month and raise money,clothes,food ect.ect. To the less fortunate(for any donations contact him thru FB)
As you can see the BoX BoY is a busy man so if you ever hear “ITS THE NEWWWS” stop and pay attention cuz you will somehow someway be entertained because like we said…he DOES IT ALL!!



Truth & Fantasy the Adventure by Box Boy Mike Spitz

Pieces of Me by Box Boy Mike Spitz

DNA Forensics Paper Pat Box Boy Mike Spitz Are Chuccs&timbs by Chuccs&Timbs

*****Mix Tapes*****
Street thieves (Chuccs&Timbs)2006
The BoX 2010
Barsbarian 2012
Midnight Marauders2013

**All mentioned albums available on iTunes and Google play Datpiff, and everywhere Internet and the streets now**

https://youtu.be/881-krBQVGE (Gets it in Remix ft. The Mitter)

https://youtu.be/989HcUluSaM (paranoid)

http://youtu.be/zu2vYlgozAE (We Dabbin Ft.Yung Blesd)

http://youtu.be/Um7OHHUO4A4 (Spitta)

https://youtu.be/dr-AHOqLTFc (I be goin extra)

https://youtu.be/nZW3pTNsX0Y (Purple Clouds ft.D Smaack)

https://youtu.be/hlf0q8TWgd8 (Damn homie ft.Chi Bully,Lounie Reyes & Big Sheist)

https://youtu.be/sNccztInnzg (5 mics ft.DNA Forensics)

https://youtu.be/2oCUv_m0SLo (Been in it ft.DNA Forensics & Garth Grizz)

https://youtu.be/ifghEJYHup8 (Just rhymin)

(SmokinWitSpitZ season 1 episode 3 w/J.Viscious)